Welcome to the Mon Cher Puppy Page, where we hope you’ll find lots of info, help, and advice.

You won’t find “puppies for sale” here because we breed only occasionally when we would like a new show team member. We will sometimes have puppies available, though they are usually reserved before birth, by people who have contacted us.

If you would like more information about Mon Cher puppies please feel free to contact us by phone or email. We always welcome those people who want to visit to meet all the gang and spend some time really getting to know dogs. This is a great opportunity to ask those very important questions and make sure you are the right fit for a Bouvier or Schnauzer and a Bouvier or Schnauzer is the absolute right fit for you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Do’s and Dont’s of buying a puppy



Take time to chose your breeder / Kennel carefully. Reputable breeders can be found on the  Kennel Club Assured Breeders List or with  Breed Clubs. Dog Shows & Discover Dogs are also a great place to meet great breeders.

Don’t look at local newspaper adverts, Ads for Free, Gum Tree, Done Deal and similar places. NO reputable breeder ever advertises in these places.

Find a well established show / competition kennel. You may say “but I only want a pet, not a show dog” however you DO want a healthy & attractive representative of the breed. Show kennels breed from dogs who have proven  mental stability, certificated physical soundness & good looks in competition and under scrutiny by experts in their field.

Don’t settle for a “cheap Pet” from a “hobby breeder”. This type of breeder who doesn’t show or compete can have only 1 motivation for breeding and that is for-profit maximum gain for minimum expense. Their dogs are unlikely to have quality pedigrees, expensive Health Tests or good breed qualities.

Make the effort to contact the breeder personally,  chat and develop a friendly relationship. This could become a lifetime connection if they allow you a puppy and only you can convince a breeder you are a suitable person.

Don’t send abrupt messages demanding price and delivery options. If you get a Breeder’s response it is unlikely to be polite. You are hoping to secure a precious lifetime companion, not ordering a Pizza.

Ask LOTS of questions and visit your breeder. Reputable breeders are happy to spend hours answering questions and discussing their breed. They are also reassured by the potential new puppy owner who has spent hours compiling questions and made the effort to visit.

Don’t be offended by a Breeders interrogation. You are asking to be entrusted with one of their precious children and this is not something they do easily. Questions about your family, home, work, holidays, future plans, children, knowledge and income are usual in securing a puppy.

Expect to travel to find a quality puppy. It is rare to find a suitable litter conveniently close by or in your specified time frame. If you are willing to travel and willing to wait, a breeder will respect you as a seriously committed new puppy owner.

Don’t be unrealistic about convenience. Quality litters are rare and securing the right puppy should take priority over everything else. No reputable breeder will take an enquiry seriously if it is accompanied by the caveat “I’d like a puppy the first week in July” or “I don’t like driving far”.

Expect to see physical evidence of health tests, achievements and awards. Reputable Breeders will have all these certificates, Cups, Rosettes, prizes and more, ready for you to examine. Health tests are no guarantee of a lifetime immunity to everything, but they indicate a reputable breeder’s best intent to produce a healthy dog.

Don’t believe a word unless it is accompanied by hard proof. Puppy farmers & bad breeders can be plausible, charming and accomplished liars. Health Tests and Champion Titles are always accompanied by certificates. Ask to see them. Claims of many champions can be easily said, but be sure they are actually in reference to the breed you are buying!

When you find the right breeder for you, register your hope for a puppy and prepare to be patient on their waiting list. Make regular contact to re- confirm your genuine interest.

Don’t place yourself on multiple waiting lists. The Dog World is a small one and most breeders are in regular contact. If it comes to light you are on everyone’s waiting list, it can be perceived as lack of integrity and you’ll quickly find yourself on NO  waiting list at all!