Grooming the Miniature Schnauzer

Most owners rely on 6 – 8 weekly grooming salon appointments to keep their Mini Schnauzer looking smart, and most salons are very familiar with grooming schnauzers. This is “Pet” type grooming largely done with Clippersand for the purposes of this section I will assume we are discussing the family pet /companion. The better your maintenance of your schnauzer between salon appointments, the better job your groomer will be able to make of the groom. Remember that although groomers are very skilled, they are hairdressers, not Magicians or Lion Tamers. If you present a matted, dirty and uncooperative schnauzer to them, they cannot be expected to return a perfectly coiffured pooch.

Show grooming of the Miniature Schnauzer is very different, highly skilled and few Grooming Salons offer this service as it involves long  hours of specialised hand stripping. If you have show aspirations you will need to learn how to hand strip with Stripping Knives to produce the correct coat texture and colour,  and invest much time, Products and efforts in keeping furnishings tip top.

When you collect your Mini Schnauzer puppy at 8-10 weeks your breeder will already have trimmed your puppy into a basic schnauzer shape. The puppy will be well accustomed to the grooming table, brushes, scissors, clippers, bathing and drying.

  • Establish a very regular grooming routine with your puppy immediately. A daily brush on the grooming tableor secure raised surface with a Soft Slicker Brush will help produce a polite Schnauzer who accepts regular grooming as a pleasure.
  • A gentle rake through the body / jacket with a Medium Coat Kingwill remove loose undercoat and help keep the coat neat between salon visits
  • Very regular brushing of beard, eyebrows and legs with a Soft Slicker Brush will ensure no mats form in this longer hair and some hair serum can help keep these areas mat free.
  • Ears should be checked at each groom and around once a month the long hair in the ear canal can be plucked after the application of Thornit Ear Powder. This ear powder also banishes ear mites and keeps the ears clean and healthy.
  • Toe nails should be regularly checked for excess growth, especially if your schnauzer is often on grass or soft surfaces, so does not have the chance to wear toe nails down naturally. Toe nails trimmed short from puppyhood with Nail Clippers are much easier to manage than allowing toe nails to grow very very long and then attempt to correct them in adulthood.
  • If your puppy has dew claws pay special attention to these. If left untrimmed they can continue growing until they curl in a ring and grow into your schnauzers legs!
  • If you decide to give your Schnauzer a home pet groom you will require some decent Clippers and Blades