feeding the Bouvier des Flandres

I’m often asked what to feed Bouvier puppies. I firmly believe that Mother Nature knows best when it comes to feeding man’s best friend and find it inexplicable that Multi-National Dog Food companies profess to know better than several thousand years of successful canine evolution.

Also, I believe that the catastrophic increase in Canine food intolerances, allergies, Skin conditions, Diabetes, Thyroid problems, Pancreatitis, skeletal development disorders, and even behaviour problems, are not a coincidence. These have developed in tandem with the growing reliance on readymade, processed, dried and conveniently bagged complete dog foods which so many people feed their pets today.

Rearing and maintaining a dog on dried dog food is equivalent to feeding our families a lifelong diet of Pot Noodles and Supermarket Ready meals. No doctor or dietician would ever recommend this as a healthy diet, so why do we find it acceptable for our dogs?

Easy Answer – Human Convenience

Feeding the Bouvier Puppy

My puppies are introduced to natural raw meats from their first-ever meal at around 22 days old. Then over the next 5 weeks are introduced to Minced Chicken carcasses, Minced Raw Fish, Minced Raw Green Tripe, Minced raw Offal,  Natural Yoghurt, Cheese, Goats Milk (NEVER COWS MILK) and a small portion of Premium puppy kibble.

By 8 – 10 weeks of age puppies should be happily crunching their way through all of the above plus chicken wings & Raw Bones.

From 6 months I find it best to reduce the kibble portion of the diet to a lower protein adult maintenance to promote slow and steady growth. Excess protein at this stage can cause strange growth spurts, disrupted joint development and upset digestion.

Feeding the Adult Bouvier

Bouviers tend not to have a ravenous appetite, and a Bouvier who occasionally leaves a couple of meals isn’t normally any cause for concern. No Bouvier has ever starved itself to death.

2 Small Meals a day is always safer than 1 large meal as this is less likely to bring about GDV / Bloat (an emergency life-threatening condition).

Other Great Diet additions

whole Eggs – not every day because raw egg white can interfere with absorption of Vitamins and minerals, a but a couple a week complete with shells are very beneficial

Vegetables – Kibble can be safely replaced by vegetable ( I buy bulk frozen bags from catering wholesalers) Very useful if you have a portly Bouvier who needs to lose weight

Apple Cider Vinegar – numerous health benefits from digestive health to healthy skin

Seaweed / Kelp – Assists Thyroid Function, helps Pigment. Contains Iodine which is essential to good health. Coarsely dried kelp can also help remove tartar from Teeth

Fish Oils / Flax Oil – Beneficial to joint mobility. Great for skin and Coat. Contains essential Omega Fatty Acids

Recommended Foods

Raw Green Tripe the ultimate canine diet. Full of helpful digestive enzymes, easily digested for maximum benefits

Raw Minced Chicken and Bone Tasty, High Protein and full of calcium from bones and fats from the chicken skin

Raw Minced Beef & Heart Protein, Minerals and vitamins

Raw Chicken Wings Always gratefully received as a treat – a great “crunchy snack”

Basic Low Protein Adult Maintenance Biscuit No colours and silly shapes, minimal additives, low protein